Cyndi Kirkpatrick

Website Design and Content Creation


Executive Director Dee Dee Drake wanted a site with a clean, light look-and-feel. Their organization’s colors are aqua blues with small accents of orange, and lots of open whitespace.


I created a custom entry form that’s used behind the scenes to input pet information. A pet listing template automatically displays the info to the public in a consistent post layout. It’s easy for anyone in the organization to add a listing and it’s easy for visitors to browse available pets.

These posts echo the organization’s social media posts. They are usually short posts to let visitors know about fundraisers, events, and animal care tips. I add the updates to the site for CHS. I also created a template that will allow them to take over the updates should they ever need to do so.

¬†For taking donations, gathering information from potential volunteers, and letting visitors sign up for the newsletter. When appropriate, these are integrated with SalsaLabs, which is the client’s choice for mailing and fundraising applications.

CHS presents a large amount of information on various topics. Their website is arranged to be accessible and easy-to-navigate. As their information grows, I adapt the site by adding new pages, sections, and formats, as needed.

Gene and Christine Cox have been involved in the arts and crafts for many years. They needed a website that addressed modern needs like responsive design, a switch to WooCommerce for their sales platform, and easy sorting of their large art supply catalog.


Owner Christine and I worked together to enter every one of their products anew, organizing as we went. It was the perfect opportunity to regroup items, change to larger images, and cross-reference products for interested shoppers.

Christine has kept a blog and offered tutorials for a long time. Now she has a new layout for her posts and a place to offer classics.

 WooCommerce offers reasonable layout options by default but Volcano Arts uses custom page and product formats, instead. They help the store stand out from the crowd.

Gene and Christine have been using their new design for just over a year now. It still fits their needs and makes them happy.

Heather Hutchison breeds and raises Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Many are award-winners, all are adorable. She needed a web site to show off their charms.


Like any type of purebred show dogs, Heather’s Corgi’s have recorded and registered pedigree information to share.

Snapshots, outings with friends, and new awards all find a home in Heather’s journal.

Corgis are highly photogenic so there are lots of images for visitors to enjoy, organized into yearly albums.

Pioneer, California
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