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Cyndi Kirkpatrick Web Site Design And Marketing

I would love to build a web site for your business.

HTML, CSS, PHP, and the WordPress platform are my favorite tools for web site creation. Combined and customized, they can make a responsive site with functions to suit your every need.

What’s your style? Understated and professional? Playful and colorful? We can work together to create just the right presentation to complement your image.

If you’d like, I can also help market your business by writing fresh content, then sharing it to your web site and social media platforms on a regular basis. Your customers stay engaged when you offer new material often.

About Me

I have been a retail sales clerk and a waitress. I worked for AT&T as an operator, a business customer service rep, a public relations rep, and a division staff manager for special sales projects. I worked for a Silicon Valley game publisher in R&D as a tester, writer, and producer.

Since 1998, I have been building web sites. I work from my home in Amador County, California where I live with my husband, Steve.

Here I Am

Feel free to email me if you would like to chat.

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The Absence of Nothing is not meant to imply the presence of everything. It only means something exists in this space.

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