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I resisted getting Adobe’s Creative Cloud version of Photoshop for many years. About two weeks ago, I finally gave in and upgraded. It’s a little under $21/month which is a lot, by our household’s standards, but I grudgingly have to admit they really pack in a lot of features for the money.

Selecting a person in an image to move or adjust it was difficult. Now? Press one button and make minor adjustments where the artificial intelligence didn’t quite adjust. It’s almost spooky.

The AI has also been developed to be quite good at colorizing.

This photo of my father from 1952 was colorized with default settings and one button click. It took about five second to fix the hand and chest areas it missed and that was it.

I will probably still use the black and white originals when I display the gallery on my personal site but the colorized versions are hard to resist.

July 15, 2021
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