As Time Goes By

It’s nice to be back. The last six months have been tumultuous.

Last year, I redesigned and rebuilt The Calaveras County Humane Society’s web site to bring it up to date. I’m glad to see they use it every day and it’s holding up well.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and in October, it got uppity and attacked my heart and lungs. Thanks to a lot of good doctors and three different hospitals, I recovered and was home after six weeks. There were a few more visits to ER in December, as my medications and the RA argued about who was going to have the upperhand. The meds won and I have been feeling pretty much myself for a couple of months now.

We moved to a new home in March. Now we live a beautiful little up country town called Pioneer. Steve’s garden shop, Kirk’s Hydro, is in a new location here, too. Now he only has a fifteen minute commute which is a real luxury.

I’m unpacking the last of our boxes and combing through our web sites to make sure they are updated. I’m enjoying it and I hope you enjoy your visit.

April 7, 2017