Bead Embroidery Pendants

About This Jewelry

I’ve been working with polymer clay quite a bit these last few months. I wanted to make my own cabochons so they would be unique. I planned to use them to make pendants using bead embroidery. I’m used to bead weaving more than embroidery but most of the weaving skills carry over to the new technique.

Quite a bit of work goes into pendants like these. First, a veneer is made for the cabochon. It’s adhered to the top surface of cabochon shape made with scrap clay. Then, it’s baked. One of the virtues of polymer clay is it cures at a low temperature and doesn’t require a kiln. After the cabochon is cured, it’s sanded starting with 400 grit sandpaper and ending with 800 grit. Next, it’s buffed to a shine with a cotton polishing wheel powered by a Dremel tool.

At that point, it’s ready to be tacked down to the stiff interface material that’s the embroidery surface. A bead bezel is woven around it then any embellishment is added, like fringe. At last, it only needs a bale and a cord or chain to finish the necklace.

I’m not quite ready to start selling them but when I do, you’ll be able to find them in my Etsy shop: Cyndi Rose Designs

July 4, 2018