Calaveras Humane Society Project

I had revamped this site two years ago and when they called recently, I was delighted to rework the site again. I love the organization’s goals and their administrator, DeeDee Drake, is a pleasure to work with.

They needed a revision for several reasons. They changed their official colors from beige and red to turquoise and orange. They plan to add dogs and small animals to their adoption efforts. And DeeDee wanted a clean, white, modern look.

While I was at it, I improved the forms they use to add a lost-and-found animal or an adoptable pet post. Whenever information was predictable and limited, like “Type of Animal,” I changed it from a text entry to a multiple choice checkbox. DeeDee thought it would reduce the time to add a pet by at least a third. Streamlining that process was my goal, so I was glad to hear it.

As I worked the pages and DeeDee reviewed them, we each took the opportunity to edit the content, from featured images to text. When there was a lot to communicate, we used bullet lists as often as possible. It’s much, much easier for folks to absorb instructions and information that way. I changed the bullet to an orange sphere because… why not?

Just for my own satisfaction, I spent a whole day making their search results look groomed and organized. I haven’t even done that to my site yet — but now I will. To get the results I wanted, I had to hunt up a lot of PHP snippets that were new to me. Now I want to apply them on my pages, too. I don’t like it when WordPress just spews out search results. By default, it looks untidy.

The Calaveras Humane Soceity site was already pleasant but it’s even nicer now. I am very proud to have been involved. Take a moment to visit , if you have the chance. Who can resist those adorable animals?

February 12, 2019