Cards While Going Up And Down

Working on cards for artist’s directory. It’s hard to concentrate. My husband and I got some bad news today and we’ll have to find some way to work with a new situation. My short term memory seems to be on a fritz. Keep flitting over to Facebook to read about anything other than our problems. Humanity scrolls by. Death. Births. Work. Political corruption. Conservation efforts. Illness. Jokes.

Back to the cards. I need to design different layouts for different viewing devices. I ask myself, “What is half of fourteen-hundred?” In response, all I hear is a high-pitched ringing in my skull, as though my synapses tripped a fire alarm. I write down the arithmetic. It turns out the answer is seven-hundred but I’ve forgotten why I needed to know that.

I’m pretty sure I’m in shock. I’ll keep plodding through the reformatting because I know how they should look on different devices. Sitting here just listening to the ringing between my ears doesn’t seem healthy. If I have to use a calculator to do basic division, I will.

‘Flowers For Algernon’ keeps coming to mind, though I was never as smart as Charlie when he peaked. At the moment, I’m not even sure I’m as smart as Algernon.

March 26, 2019

my brain while trying to design layouts today

'Broken burning lightbulb' photo from Pexels.

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