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Like most frontend developers, I watch tutorials and read articles about coding, design, and current trends. CSS, in particular, is often underappreciated. While it’s always been used to set colors or create margins, it can really dance if you push it.

I mentioned a few days ago that neumorphism is a popular design style right now and glass morphism is a subset of that technique. Both are created using CSS. Honestly, I don’t know how many visitors are dazzled by it but I promise you a lot of designers have a crush on it. You’ll probably see both effects on this site later today. My footer has evolved to be very close to neumorphism even though that wasn’t a goal. A step or two farther and it can appear to be inset on the background, which I’d like. I guess it is a goal, now.

I also want to work on the header. It keeps distracting me from other drafting. It is not right, yet. Perhaps I’ll apply one of the gazillion effects Online Tutorials accomplishes in their demonstrations. I like the ingenuity they display and I’m humbled by the cleverness of the more complex results.

Using a professional page builder, I have the advantage of many built-in special effects. On the down side, custom CSS can fight with theme and builder defaults. Elementor managed to thwart me twice yesterday when I tried custom CSS in the header. The builder has styling and animation options for all the normal webpage needs. It doesn’t like to give up that control. There are occasions when it has to be coaxed to add something coded by hand.

“What is this navbar you speak of?” it asked me. “I do not know what that is but if I did, I could tell you it is going to retain its built-in pink highlights. Hexadecimal that, foolish user.”

I suspect Elementor does know what navbar means and it is being frisky with me. It shouldn’t even bother. I am tenacious and will make it do what I want. Eventually.

Meanwhile, it’s fascinating to watch the css expert at Online Tutorials code a page that uses Glass Morphism. It demonstrates why you want to hire someone to build the website for your business. You probably don’t want to spend huge swathes of time learning advanced CSS code but you probably would like the cool special effects it can add to your site.

June 21, 2021
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