Enchanted Garden Update

The Enchanted Garden texture tile series had strayed too far from its original. It was too blurry and too monochromatic. I have only myself to blame. Tammy Sharp’s original was crisp and full of color. I lost quality as I cut down memory size during multiple changes till eventually it just wasn’t up to snuff. So, that series has been revised.

Now, the vivid tile clearly has stylized flowers in yellow and orange. They float above a brown field of rough dots. The plain textures lean more toward orange brown than yellow brown. (Yellow brown can look nice but sometimes takes on an unpleasant look if the hue is even a little bit off.) This page was styled using the new tiles.

I took this century into account when redoing them. The tiles have slightly larger dimensions, so they will fill a background faster. I spent a little more memory on image sharpness but each is still under 30K. I like the dots on the plain textures. I don’t think I had any other textures like this until now.

I used to take great care with the contrast of the darkest and lightest image, since it was important text would show against them. I’m not as worried about that these days. I like it if they can be a text background but it’s more important they have a distinct pattern and hue, without being as bright or overwhelming as the vivid tile can be.

As you can see throughout this site, I like to use the textures for decorative trim and sometimes the background of a header bar. When it’s time to write, I add a card with a plain background. Best of both worlds, I think.

March 19, 2019

Sample Enchanted Garden Tiles

This page was styled using the Enchanted Garden Texture Tile Set

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