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WordPress is open source web site building software. Originally developed for bloggers, it’s grown into the content-management software for about 30% of the web sites in existence.

“Plug-ins” are the thing I like most about it. Thousands of people write programs that are geared toward one specific task or another. When a customer wants a particular feature for their web site, I write the code if I know how. But if I don’t, I go looking for a plug-in that can handle the task. Most of the time, there are many choices.

Today, I want to mention my all-time favorite plug-in. Since I first used it, I have never built a site without it: Essential Grid by ThemePunch .

It makes menus based on images a breeze. I can customize its results so it’s appropriate for a given purpose. And adding some special effects to jazz things up a bit is as simple as choosing from the options.

I mention them here today because twice in recent months I’ve had to ask for help from their customer service and I have to say their response was very good, especially this last time. The way I see it, that makes a useful product truly excellent.

I’m building my own theme from scratch for the first time and there is a lot to learn. Even keeping it simple, there are miles of functions and requirements I need to incorporate, and that takes awhile. While Essential Grid worked fine on my highly-customized child theme, it didn’t work on my stand-alone, under-construction theme. There was no reason they had to help me with that. It wasn’t a bug in their plug-in and I knew that. I just opened a ticket in hopes the answer would come easily to them and they would share it.

And they did, though they didn’t know the answer automatically. One of them took the time to go through the code of my new custom theme and found a missing element I should have put in the footer. And he fixed it.

I thought that deserved a call out for a good product and good service for it. Thanks, ThemePunch . Long may you thrive and prosper.

March 7, 2019


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