Features vs Benefits

I know the difference between features and benefits. I worked in sales, marketing, and public relations for decades.

Features are things most customers don’t care about. “Look! It’s pretty!” Meh. They can see the product. Whether it’s pretty or not is subjective.

Benefits are what customers gain should they hire a service or buy a product. Why should they want this pretty thing? “Look! Its prettiness will make you feel good every time you look at it! Your friends and neighbors will be dazzled and humbled by the good taste you exhibited when you acquired it!”

When I was first redrafting the site, my training was still operating. Though I knew it was placeholder text, the front page said, “Let me build your website. You have better things to do.”

See? A benefit. If you hire me to build your website, you won’t have to do it yourself. And that’s not just fluff.

In order to effectively build a website, I have to know:

  • what devices and browsers people are using and how to be sure a web page looks good on all of them.
  • code like HTML, CSS, PHP, and a little JavaScript, so I can customize a website to suit a customer’s needs.
  • the benefits and pitfalls of WordPress, and the themes and plugins that expand its abilities.
  • what requirements Google and the other search engines have that must be met to get a decent listing.

Do you want to train yourself in any of those things? Of course not. You have a business to run. You should do what you do best, while I use my skills to build a website that will engage and inform your customers.

That’s what my front page should say but it doesn’t. Yet. As time went by, I started unconsciously looking at it as a business card – which it isn’t – and it started with my name and business skills.

I was recently reminded you don’t care two figs about my name or what codes I recognize. You care about what a good website can do for your business, and whether I can build that good website for you at a fair price, in a reasonable amount of time. And, by golly, I can. As I chisel away at the home page, I’ll remember to mention benefits and let the features come second. Glad I got the nudge.

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July 11, 2021
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Pioneer, California
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