Font Decisions

For this revision of my website, I am determined to do something different with fonts. I normally use one font per site and it’s sans-serif because that’s clearest on a screen. I believe legibility is the number one requirement for a business presentation.

But that doesn’t mean a font is a one-trick pony. I wanted to use both a <gasp> serif and sans-serif font throughout my site this time, to add some flare. It’s not easy for me since it is outside my comfort zone. I have to live with a choice for a few hours or even overnight before I’m sure.

So far, my favorite headline font is Special Elite. It looks like typewriter print struck on soft paper with a fresh ribbon – it bleeds a little. I love that for titles and labels on cards. Right now, I’ve reluctantly discarded it because it is pretty casual and it’s proving very difficult to find any other readable font that goes with it in text areas. Clean sans-serif makes it look sloppy and too relaxed, while serif fonts look too starchy and formal in comparison. It’s a dilemma.

While I ponder, I’ve been trying various possibilities. An editorial by Flux said there really should be only six fonts in all the world, and we’d all be better off. That may be true.

I’ve tried most classic typefaces. Each looked wonderful as a title for about half an hour but then small problems would start to nag at me. For instance, I realized Vogue and I really aren’t trying to reach the same audience with the same message, so maybe I shouldn’t use the same font.

Garamond is intended to project intelligence. That was discarded because it looked pretentious in context. I’d use it in a heartbeat for a college web page or anything related to books.

Helvetica is everyone’s favorite sans-serif font, I think. Good looking whether thick or thin, legible, straightforward. Also good for floating a few words in the middle of a vast field of whitespace, ala the 2010s. Classic but I’d like to use something with just a smidgen more personality, if I can.

When I stopped working last night, I had the headlines set to Corben and text set to Comfortaa. I like them both and think they sit well together.

I’ll keep playing with it. And I will not give in and make it all Arial.

May 30, 2021
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