Free For Commercial Use Stock Photos

I’d like to share some resources that offer high-quality stock photos with no strings attached for commercial use. No fees, no royalties, no obligatory attributions. I try to list the photo credits for what I use (especially here in the blog) but, upon occasion, I use a photo in a way that doesn’t cause a lightbox to popup when clicked. I think I’ll start a credit list on my site map page so I can credit those background images. Even when it’s not required, it’s nice to acknowledge the source.

You’ll see this site’s name credited again and again on pages I build. I always seem to find just what I’m looking for with a very short search. They let you download from a choice of image sizes and I have yet to find a single photo that isn’t crisp and well composed. I haven’t had quite as much luck with their videos – usually memory cost is very high – but I’m sure that will improve with time. As with all stock image sites, I wish their photographers took landscape orientation photos more often. The web has a lot of uses for those. But considering how many images they offer, how good the quality is, and how freely they share them, I really have no complaints.

Pixabay sometimes shares images on the Pexels site I mentioned above and, when they do, it’s often the best-looking photo in the search results. They have their own independent site, too. Lots to browse and lots to use under the same terms – no fee, no obligatory credit required, even for businesses. I try to credit them in any case because they and their photographers deserve it.

I haven’t used it much but it is a good repository of free stock photos. I often see them used in tutorials because they have a plugin for WordPress that lets you search their library and upload directly to your media library while you’re creating a page or writing code. They do ask for an attribution if you use a photo but it is not required.

The British Library
Vintage, vintage, and more vintage. The library has scanned images from their collection from 17th through 19th Century books. They are in the public domain, so they can be used freely. So kind of them to share.

July 5, 2021
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