Global Warming – Chemistry Is Not Political

What Is Global Warming?

When fossil fuels burn, they give off carbon dioxide (CO2) as a waste product. Some of it is absorbed by the ocean. Some of it is used by plants. Some of it is destroyed by chemical interactions in the air. The remaining CO2 builds up in our atmosphere. While it’s there, it traps and holds heat.

A little of that is good. The trapped heat gives Earth a world climate that has lots of places where people and wildlife can thrive.

Too much CO2 is bad. Natural systems cannot maintain the current balance. The more excess CO2 there is, the more heat it traps. As our atmosphere becomes warmer, water evaporation increases. Water vapor traps and holds heat, too.

More CO2 – more heat – more water vapor – more heat – more CO2 – more heat… When that cycle is out of balance compared to what we’ve known, our local environments begin to change and the longer it goes on, the more our lands will change with it.

Why Talk About Global Warming?

It’s important. It affects every one of us right now. It will affect our children and grandchildren in the future. We know the cause. It has been studied for decades. The list of science groups which gather evidence, study the facts, and agree about global warming is long and impressive.

A lot of myths and misinformation get passed around. Much of the incorrect information comes from politicians who openly accept large campaign contributions from oil and petroleum companies.

What we do about global warming might be political and open for debate. Do we impose carbon taxes? Do we put tax dollars into clean energy research? Do we send floaties to Florida and wish them good luck? Or do we do nothing at all?

But remember – global warming itself is not political. It’s just chemistry and it doesn’t care about opinions. As long as we keep releasing more and more CO2 into the air, it’s going to keep building up and it will continue to affect our climate. We shouldn’t panic but we shouldn’t ignore it or deny it, either.

Skeptical Science – They’ve Got Answers

If you hear someone denying climate change or calling it a hoax, check the facts at Skeptical Science . They list the most common mistakes and myths about climate change. For each myth Skeptical Science corrects, you can choose a short answer or a longer, more technical explanation. Their pages tell you where they got their facts and they use credible science sources.

Who Agrees?

Over 197 scientific organizations around the world agree that we are experiencing a global climate change caused by human actions.

The California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research has a complete list of science academies and organizations which concur about global warming .

Best Web Presentation About Global Warming

NASA has done an excellent job putting together information about global warming and the climate change it causes. It is frequently updated and contains some fascinating interactive pages. There is a ticker at the bottom of the front page with our planet’s latest vital statistics. If you want to learn more about climate change from experts in planetary science, their website is the place to start.

NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

March 17, 2019

Sun and cloud

Sunshine and gases interact in Earth's atmosphere.

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