Here We Go Again

Revision 110345.2834 Begins

The situation is familiar. Technology and fashion have changed enough that a brush up isn’t enough – the whole site needs a revision. Since it began in 1998, that has happened quite a few times.

I remember when I made my very first texture set and excitedly wrote to let them know. Times were different, then. The web was uncrowded enough that Bobbie Peachey, who listed texture sites for them, immediately added Eos to their resource list. She was so encouraging, bless her heart.

After that, the library kept expanding and the whole site shimmied whenever it did. The width of the pages steadily widened as monitors became higher and higher resolution. Graphics became larger as transmission times dropped. In the last major revision, all pages became responsive so the layouts alter to look their best from wide-screen TV to mobile phone.

The current revision is the biggest since the site started – Eos Development is being changed to a WordPress format. I’ve built half a dozen sites using WordPress now and I think its advantages are many. The Eos texture tile library will be in a true database, so it can be easily sorted in many different ways. It’s gone from that lone series of wallpaper tiles back in 1998 to dozens of series, each with its own display page and variations. A database will be a big help with organization.

Getting the entire texture library entered will take weeks but I believe the business pages will be complete much sooner. I hope the revision will go live about the middle of next week. In fact, I’m writing this entry so I can see content as I code what our regular blog page presentation layout will look like. I’m reminding myself to keep it simple. I hope I listen to me but I bet I won’t. In fact, I’m going to write the code so that each blog entry can use different backgrounds. Why not?

June 5, 2016