Wrap around, beaded bracelet with deep blue lapis lazuli chips, vintage wood beads from Germany, and silver colored glass seed beads

About This Jewelry

This fashionable beaded bracelet appears to be a series of colorful bangles but it’s actually one coiled spiral. Lapis lazuli gemstone chips are said to have a calming effect on mood. The semi precious gemstone chips are accented by silver-colored glass seed beads, vintage wood beads, and deep blue round glass beads.

Strung on stainless steel memory wire. The 2 1/4″ diameter bracelet expands to comfortably coil around your wrist when you put it on. It will fit most people. When you take it off, the strong, stainless steel memory wire returns to its original size.


  • Continuous coil of beads appears to be four individual bangles
  • One of a kind (OOAK)
  • Varied colors, finishes, and shapes add visual interest to the bracelet
  • 1″ cuff width
  • No clasp: easy on and easy off
  • One size fits most
  • Made in the USA

November 30, 2018