Listening To Designers

I’m a little tired today though I still have a things-to-do list. When I need to rest, I’ll watch tutorials by designers, though not necessarily web designers. Graphic design principles can apply to many types of media, from business cards to billboards. Here are some of my favorites. They’re all a bit elitist but they’re also very good at what they do, so each instructor has earned the attitude.

Satori Graphics
Obsessed with fonts, logos, and portfolio design. Good advice and many graphics that illustrate the editorials.

Flux Academy
Good instructions overall and contains a full series of web design lessons. Ran Segall also offers videos on business itself, including self-employed finances and ongoing client management.

UI/UX Design Course
I like that Gary, the instructor, will home in on very tiny details like, “Can you use a radial gradient in a pleasing manner on a web page?” (He decided, “Yes, if you’re careful about application.”) He also covers lots of CSS tricks and tips, which I find to be useful.

Want to advance your Adobe Photoshop skills? Unmesh Dind can teach you something new and useful every hour, even if you watch for days. Have you ever been frustrated trying to cut out pieces of an image in order to create a new composite image? He does that very well and generously shares his process.

This site has a not-at-all-hidden agenda: they are a marketplace for web site elements, like themes, plugins, and graphics. Because of that, they are aware of the pulse of the industry. The video I linked above has good examples of color trends in 2021. (1. Gold 2. Jewel Tones  3. Blue  4. Warm Colors 5. Cool Colors 6. Neutral & Earth Tones  7. Pantone Color of the Year) I’m particularly happy about jewel tones rolling back into style, since I use them whenever I can.

July 4, 2021
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