Minimal vs Elaborate – Web Site Design Trends

Web pages go through fashion trends. For quite awhile, they were layered, padded, embroidered, and covered with blinking lights. Then, a counter reaction kicked in. Slender Helvetica text on pure white was all the rage. Today, we most often see full screen photos and pages that vertically scroll a long, long way, often containing short, separate sections. Sometimes, the page background is coyly transparent for a few inches, allowing a deeper decorative background to be revealed.

I like a little of all three of those styles. I like slender fonts. I like gray and wide white spaces. But I also like pages that look rich and textured, as though you could feel the adornment if you ran your fingertips over the surface. Color and texture are expensive in print but they’re free on the web. Might as well use them.

You do have to watch load times when you decorate with images. Too many photos saved at too large a size will slow things down to a crawl or even halt loading on a cellphone. Even though the textures I use have very small file sizes, repeating them across a large surface can take a moment to complete. It’s a good idea to add a background color, as a fallback.

When you’re browsing the texture tile library, you can decide on a few tiles for a little trim around page edges or use all of the tiles in a series. You can also mix-and-match between series. Fashion is fine for inspiration but when it comes down to it, when you design a web site for yourself it should look just the way you want it to be.

March 9, 2019

pencil tips by George Becker

Photo by George Becker

This page was styled using Bejeweled - Gray Texture Tile Sets

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