Sometimes web design trends make me laugh a little. Even though technology rockets along, style doesn’t, necessarily. So people immersed in it can become excited by very small “innovations.”

One is neumorphism. I like it but think it’s much ado about little. Pretty sure the direction of the light source, adding drop shadows, and making elements translucent is not really new. Oops. I mean neu.

There is some CSS code that lets a person do all that plus blur the background which is neu and nice and makes elements look glassy. I like that but good web site design practices must still be considered, so the content remains legible.

This article was written by a strong designer who does good things with the neumorphism effect: “Neumorphism The Right Way by David Ofiare.” I think you’ll enjoy it.

You might also like this article from Daniel Mitev, that includes a free UI kit using the technique and a helpful explanation of the color theory that’s involved in its creation.

June 13, 2021
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Pioneer, California
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