New Project – Alpacas and Corgis

Starting a new project for a new client. I’m excited because it involves textiles, weaving, and lovable, well-cared-for ranch animals. All things that interest me, which makes the project extra appealing. There are even some sheep and goats in the mix.

I love goats. Our previous neighbor had a small family of goats and I was allowed to pull grass from our yard and feed it to them over the fence. Daddy Goat was enormous yet he could escape through holes in the pen so small you’d think a rabbit wouldn’t fit. He’d push open the fence and the rest of his family would follow. They’d spend the day roaming the vacant lot next to them, trimming the grass down until their owners got home and corralled them again. We didn’t get along that well with the owners but goats are high on the list of critters I admire. They are smart and resourceful, no doubt about it.

Alpaca and corgi pictures are wonderful to flip through because they have expressive faces that are easy to adore. Despite that, my husband isn’t a big fan of alpacas. During his old job at the phone company, he often had to cross their fields to get to a pole. He testifies from personal experience that alpacas can spit far and accurately if a stranger steps onto their turf. I can appreciate why he came to be wary of them. Alpaca spit sticks and it has an odor you will not forget.

I just look at them on a computer screen. They have funny little mop top haircuts, they’re often smiling, and they’re full of personality, so I love them. Even Steve will admit they can be cute, especially if they’re not here in person.

In The End

As soon as the project is done, I’ll share the address so you, too, can admire good-looking animals and the wonderful yarn and textiles that can be made with their fur.

March 30, 2019
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