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I’ve been trying to enhance the UI (user interface) for my site. Naturally, as I’ve polished it, I’ve started putting boxes in boxes because that’s what I do. So far, I think I’ve been restrained enough pages aren’t turning into a confusing mass of layered buttons. I hope.

I read yet another interesting article on neumorphism along the way. The co-creator of the style doesn’t think it will last, no matter how trendy right now. He feels the contrast is too low – so low that even visitors with regular vision could have trouble distinguishing the “clicked” state of an element. That is a serious problem and limits the uses for style.

I’m fortunate. I am never subtle so when I borrow elements of neumorphism, like the light highlights and large soft shadows, I automatically made sure the widget involved is legible to me. That’s a normal part of the process after any adjustment. And at my age, if I can see it, fair to say everyone else can, too.

Toward the end, the author groused a bit about the current trend of letting the visitor choose between light or dark styles for a site. Ug. Since it’s not just decorative, I’ll probably have to address this. Fussy work but at least when it’s done, it should stay done.

The author was wrong about one thing: neumorphism was a huge trend in 2020, for better or worse. On the other hand, I think he’s right that it can be used poorly, so extremely low contrast UI will go away soon. (I really hope the trend of replacing graceful, subtle neumorphism with deliberately crude and utilitarian Brutalism doesn’t last. I do not like that look at all.)

Neumorphism Will Not Be A Huge Trend In 2020 by Michael Malewicz

July 7, 2021

website design
content creation

Pioneer, California
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