Heather is also an accomplished weaver. She truly begins her textile work from scratch. She raises the alpacas whose wool she will spin, then weave into luxury blankets and lap robes.


Many, many hours of labor go into each of Heather’s one-of-a-kind practical artworks. There are seldom more than dozen available at any given time.

Sometimes, her blankets are the natural, muted colors of her alpacas. Sometimes, there is a spark of sea blue or royal purple as an accent. Whatever the color scheme, the results are always beautiful.

Heather shares her knowledge of processing fleece, spinning, and weaving. Her site organizes her lessons into easy-to-follow segments with a generous number of illustrations.

From Straw Into Gold’s blog posts can contain videos, a few interesting photos, or a whole gallery. Her journal area handles them all.

Orange envelope with snowdrop and juniper

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Pioneer, California
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