Gene and Christine Cox have been involved in the arts and crafts for many years. They needed a website that addressed modern needs like responsive design, a switch to WooCommerce for their sales platform, and easy sorting of their large art supply catalog.
"I designed and maintained my own website for 19 years, and it really showed. It was definitely time to call in a pro, and I could not be happier with our new beautiful website and Cyndi’s work."

Owner Christine and I worked together to enter every one of their products anew, organizing as we went.

It was the perfect opportunity to regroup items, change to larger images, and cross-reference products for interested shoppers.

Christine has kept a blog and offered tutorials for a long time. Now she has a new layout for her posts and a place to republish classics.

WooCommerce offers reasonable layout options by default but Volcano Arts uses custom page and product formats, instead. They help the store stand out from the crowd.

Gene and Christine have been using their new design for just over a year now. It still fits their needs and makes them happy.

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Pioneer, California
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