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I think I’m just about done building the Reese Corgi website for my friend Heather Hutchison. It’s been an enjoyable project. She had many years of photos to include, so the site is packed with content right from the start. The corgis are photogenic and full of personality. The deep teal color that is Heather’s favorite was also nice to work with. It packs a punch but doesn’t overwhelm the images.

If you have a chance to visit, the Reese Corgi photo album section is pleasant to browse. The section titled “Our Dogs” is an interesting glimpse into all the information that breeders track for pedigreed dogs. I hope you like it and that the site suits Heather for years to come.

Next up on my schedule is building a different site for Heather’s natural fiber, yarn, and textiles, garnered from her small herd of alpacas. Another set of wonderful pictures to work with. I’m looking forward to it!

April 15, 2019

Reese Corgi - Beezer and Kitty Rose

Reese Corgi - Kitty Rose the Alpaca and Beezer

This page was styled using the Poplin texture series.

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