SEO – Be Solid

If you already have a web site, I’m sure you get emails from folks telling you they can accomplish miracles by optimizing your pages for search engine bliss. Before you spend thousands of dollars, keep these tips in mind.

Target the right area

– If your business serves only your local area, you do not need to be at the top of national search engine pages. Your business should be at the top for folks in the area you serve. That means it’s easier for you to be visible to the right people.

Be kind to smart phones

– Your web site should have a responsive layout that changes format depending on the viewing device. Folks with smart phones should not have to scroll left and right. Google, in particular, insists on this. It will demote your listing if you don’t comply.

Code counts

– Your web pages should use proper HTML code, especially the headlines.

Content, content, content

– Your web pages should present solid information about your industry and your business. Words and phrases that customers might search for like “Auto Repair” should be in the text. Contact information should be provided, especially your physical address if you have one. Pictures and videos to illustrate your pages are useful and help engage your visitor.

Sound too simple to be true? It’s not. There are other ways to tweak your pages but those items are the most important.

March 16, 2018

Blank notebook with glasses, map, and pictures

Blank notebook with glasses, map, and pictures

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