So Slick I Can’t Resist Its Charms

Page builders have pros and cons.

Their biggest problem is weight. They offer so many features, the code cost is high. They can make pages slower than they would be if coded with straight HTML/CSS/PHP that only has the code needed for that page and site.

But they have a lot of good things going for them, too. They make work much quicker and help make style more consistent across a site.

Right now, I’m using Elementor Pro as a builder. At first, I was suspicious of it, as I am with any new bit of software. Will it work well? Will it be relatively easy to learn? Does it give me room to make design choices? Will it make sites easier for clients to use once a build is done?

So far, “Yes,” on all those questions, so I decided I like Elementor. A few days ago, I fell in love with it. “What’s this ‘Table of Contents’ widget?” I wondered.

It turned out I could put a table of contents on any page. Based on heading codes, the widget put in the anchor links in by itself and generated the lovely, clean-looking menu in a tidy little box that can be open and shut. I am going to have to restrain myself so I only use it on pages that benefit from it. It’s so slick.

June 7, 2021
Home Blog 2021 So Slick I Can’t Resist Its Charms

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Pioneer, California
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