Somewhere In The Middle

I’m in the middle of my design process for the new section. I have the majority of the text content in a second draft, and a piecemeal layout for pages that will live under the front page.

A big goal for today is consistency. Each of the older sections varies a bit in format depending on need but they go with each other gracefully. I don’t think you ever wonder, “Woah, did I drift to another site?” It looks like me.

I’m not sure that’s true yet of the newer section/pages. Initially, I was going to put all the info about my services on the front page but it grew too large. So now, I’ve divided it into Projects and About Me. Their layout is too scattered so I need to make some decisions and nail down page style there. I also need to make the copy on both more taciturn, fill in some blanks, and maybe do something fancy with visuals.

Most importantly, I need two call-to-action buttons on the front hero screen that guides people to my projects page or my email.

Busy, busy, busy.

June 20, 2021
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Pioneer, California
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