blue texture tile sets

Shades Of Blue

Soft blue, heavenly blue, navy blue, royal blue - blue is a color that changes mood easily, from crisply professional to tranquil and relaxing.

green texture tile sets

Healthy Greens

We see green all around us in the great outdoors. It is naturally homey. Decorating a website, it is friendly without being effusive.

Brown texture tile sets

Natural Browns

Brown is a warm color that won't overwhelm the content of your page. Choose an orange brown or a less intense yellow brown - either way, brown gives a welcoming ambience to your site.

Purple texture tile sets

Flirtatious Purples

Purple is daring. It's a strong color at full intensity but when the saturation is muted, it can be easy to get along with or even romantic.

Red Pink texture tile sets

Pink and Red

In addition to pretty pinks and bold reds, you'll find some flexible red-browns in these sets, as hues go from light to dark. Or just choose cherry red. Why not?

Orange and yellow texture tile sets

Warm Yellow and Orange

Use these sparingly because even a small pop of orange or yellow will light up your design. Orange-browns are also in the texture series in this area.

Gray texture tile sets

Shadowy Grays

On its own, gray is the perfect choice for sites with a focus on artwork. With gray in the background, colors from your illustrations or photography are the stars of your page.

About These Textures

Beginning in 1998, my colleagues and I created texture tile sets for Eos Development’s graphic library. They are made to be backgrounds on web sites and are especially useful for folks who make online scrapbooks. That complete library is now shared here – hundreds of crisp, colorful, fast-loading texture tiles that wrap seamlessly.

Use one or two to add just a touch of color and texture to your page layout. Use all the textures in a set to create an opulent page with lots of visual interest. Mix and match tiles from different sets and have all the color you could ever want. The possibilities are endless.

Using The Library

  • When viewing a color set, click on any tile to see it in use on the page.

  • The textures are free for commercial or non-commercial use on web sites and in scrapbooks but we ask you don’t redistribute them or display them in a gallery.

  • A link back is always appreciated.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find just the right detail graphics to spice up your next web project!

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