The Empress – Card 03 – Tarot

I am the mistress of bees.
Flowers are mine, and fruit.
Farm lands bear at my command,
oak trees render sculpted seed,
nectar transforms to comb and honey.

I am the keeper of hearths.
Kindling is mine, and coals.
Kitchens warm by my decree,
malt ferments to heady mead,
good bread rises from wheat and fire.

I am the lady of nests.
Mothers are mine, and milk.
Babies come when I give leave,
midwives handle birth with ease,
infants rest well, gently cradled.

I am the priestess now wed.
Procreation is mine, and love.
Welcome, welcome to my domain!
Here vineyards bear the fruits of labor.
Here summer mates with fertile orchards.
Here farmers till the sun, and prosper.

June 11, 2019

Tarot - The Empress

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