Wheel of Fortune – Tarot – Card 10

Chaos was an intangible thing.
Now, mathematicians draw fern leafs
and smoke screens from random numbers.
Card sharks nod to them as kin.
They, too, know the stretch of the stack,
the chance of a flip, the range of the draw.

Mayan shamans, alchemists,
and druids round their bloody oaks
would recognize the goals of Mandelbröt.
From rune to byte, from bone to stars,
equations scrawled by seeking minds
have sought to burrow through our world,
to time its spin, forecast its end.

Even so, for all we calculate the odds
a coast will twist when pressed by tide,
the wise do not forecast the waves
nor when their fall will drown the land.

June 3, 2019

Tarot - Wheel of Fortune

Tarot - Wheel of Fortune

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