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I’m going to brag. The footer on my site looks fantastic right now. It has just the right amount of shading in just the right places. It uses subtle gradients for interest without being obnoxious. It displays exactly the information I want to display. It adapts to any set of page colors and textures I pair it with. I like it down to the last drop shadow.
I tried to pick up its exact style to reuse in the header. Oh, hell no. It doesn’t work as well in a smaller area. C’est la vie.
So, the header had to be simplified and different little flourishes added. The top menu has a very retro feeling right now, with its recessed button areas. When I try to describe it, “tidy” is the first word that springs to mind. I’d rather it was “spectacular” but I’m not unhappy with it as is.
July 3, 2021
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Pioneer, California
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