Volcano Arts Redesign Anniversary

Internet technology is never still. Within the last two months, WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce issued updates with significant changes. A host of more specialized WordPress plugins that must work in coordination with those three also updated.

On most of the sites I handle, things were fine. But on Volcano Arts, not so much so. Christine and I were working on its yearly update and some formatting tools started misbehaving just as we were finishing. The layouts on a tablet were particularly troublesome. It was a few bad days for me as I wrestled columns back where they were meant to be. Many problems cleared up when WooCommerce issued a new revision, probably correcting reported bugs. These things happen.

I think Christine’s site now looks very nice after its one-year scrub up. The main menus, which already looked great and worked well, are the same. The individual product listings are slightly polished but not greatly changed. The Muse posts now use a custom-built Elementor template and it’s easy to add new posts, without sacrificing nicely formatted articles that have plenty of illustrations. I really like that area.

I’d say the biggest change in look-and-feel is the use of Smart Slider Pro to create image and product carousels in the footer and within articles. It will work with Elementor, as it does in the Volcano Arts footer where featured products are displayed in a large carousel. The WordPress default WYSIWYG editor will accept its shortcodes, too, so Smart Slider can be used without Elementor or within the WP editor where content will be posted into a template. It’s reasonably easy to use, most especially if you start with one of its many fine templates.

I use the free plugin, Smart Slider 3, on the Calaveras Humane Society site and have found it to be really useful when I need a nice gallery with a couple of images within news articles or in pet adoption stories. So I’d recommend you check out Smart Slider to see what you think.

And visit Volcano Arts! They always make for a nice browse.

August 1, 2021
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